Cleantech Accelerator

The Cleantech Business Accelerator Program is a unique program for the Australian market that provides emerging cleantech companies to make a step change in their development. It will cover all aspects essential to a growing cleantech business and will provide participants with the greatest chance of accelerating their growth to achieve along term, thriving enterprise.

This will not only benefit the business owners, but through their success, will help the overall growth of the cleantech sector in Australia and help to increase the efficiency and resilience of all industry through the greater adoption of cleantech solutions.

Only entrants that are assessed as having the greatest potential will be shortlisted as competition Semi-Finalists and be invited to join the Cleantech Business Accelerator Program.

The Program comprises a number of stages as follows:

1. Company Mentor – Each Semi-Finalists will be assigned an indiviudal Mentor to help them assess and develop their existing business plan. The Mentor will meet with the company and discuss where the gaps in the plan are and options for how these can be filled. This may include introductions to people who can help fill these gaps or suggestions on solutions that would be suitable for the business.

2. Intensive Mentoring Workshop – Semi-Finalists will be required to attend the intensive Mentoring Workshop in Sydney on 23/24 July. This will include keynote speakers and up to ten specific workshops on all aspects of a successful business plan. There will also be opprotunities to network with fellow Semi-Finalists and other mentors and presenters. The workshops will cover topics such as:

  • Corporate structure
  • Grants and tax benefits
  • Intellectual Property strategy development
  • Commercialisation strategies
  • How to attract Angel funding
  • Venture capital requirements
  • Media and investor relations
  • Becoming export-ready
  • Pitch preparation & delivery

3. Business Plan Development – Following the workshop, the Semi-Finalists will work with their Mentor to develop their final Concise Business Plan Submission. This will be a concise plan of 10-12 pages and will cover all aspects of the plan to drive growth in the business. The Business Plan will be based on templates provided at the Workshop.

4. Submit Concise Business Plan Submission by 12 August – Semi-Finalists will then submit their Concise Buisness Plan submissions before 12 August to compete to be an Australian Finalist. The Business Plan can of course be used for many other purposes in helping the business grow and it is this capability which will assist many of the Semi-Finalists to take the next step in their development.